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Gasket Guy custom manufactures and expertly installs gaskets for every commercial refrigerator and freezer make and model. Services even include hardware repair and strip curtains for walk-ins. We also provide gaskets at discounted prices for those who like to install themselves. We service Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, convenience stores, grocery stores, schools and the like rely on Gasket Guy for fast, dependable and personable service, and a 90 day guarantee.

Gasket Guy is a family owned business based in Connecticut. We have a solid reputation for personable service, and often beating the competition's prices by up to 40%.

When Gaskets Need Servicing


Commercial refrigerator and freezer gaskets often need to be serviced long before the refrigerator itself needs replacement or repairs. Noticeable cracks or thin, brittle sealing strips are fairly obvious signs of a deteriorating gasket, but smaller side tears and loosening of the adhesive bond are also early indicators of gasket damage. Likewise, if the rubber hardens or the refrigerator door becomes difficult to seal, the gasket is due for a replacement.

Sometimes, refrigerators and freezers units will begin to function sporadically, turning on automatically or operating continuously for long periods, and this usually means leakage is occurring. If these warning signs are not addressed and the gasket becomes nonfunctional, warm air can seep into the refrigerator and increase the risk of food spoilage, the motor can overrun and eventually burn out, and electrical expenses can rise dramatically.

Gasket Guy of Hartford can help you and your commercial refrigerator or freezer stay cool all year long.

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